What to wear Boudoir

What to wear for your Boudoir Session?
Need a little direction in selecting your outfits?? Sometimes you have to think outside the box when determining what modest pieces to use.   You can still achieve stunning images with modest clothing.


Find a few blazers that you can use to cover up.  I highly suggest wearing a bright colored bra & panty set underneath so that you have a pop of color.  Blazers can certainly conceal certain areas plus they give you a little more coverage.   When looking at blazers, just make sure you find one that is the proper length of your liking.  Sometimes really short/crop blazers aren’t going to achieve the look you might be going for.

White tank top

Just a white tank top and some beautiful jewelry.    When looking for tank tops, there are different styles – who knew, right?  Ribbed, non-ribbed (what’s the opposite of ribbed?!?!), etc.  What you want to emphazize will be determined on the material you select,  so make sure the material suits you’re liking.  And, I highly suggest bringing a few kind to your session so you can see what looks best on camera.  Here’s another plus to tank tops – They are CHEAP!


Robes for boudoir photo shoot, Pics By Chicks Photography - Pittsburgh Boudoir PhotographerRobes

Oh do I love robes!  Lace robes = perfection! Incorporating robes is one of the best things you can do for your session.  They are great for detail shots to highlight certain areas of your body.  Another great thing – slowly taking it off and letting your photographer capture you doing so.  Those images are always some of my favorites.

CardigansCardigans - What to Wear for Boudoir Photo Shoot - Pics By Chicks Photography - Pittsburgh Boudoir Photographer

Another one of my favorite items – cardigans can really enhance your session.  Cardigans that are tight or loose can each have their own awesome impact to your photos.  I love that this item has a curved opening and is not a boxy cut item.  It can easily be manipulated in the photos so that you can pull it down or close it tight, or drop it down your shoulders and let it hang.  See, so many ideas are running thru my head in how to use this in a session.  It would go great with a sexy bra and panty underneath or even a tight tank top.

Chunky Sweater for boudoir photo shoot - Pics By Chicks Photography - Pittsburgh Boudoir PhotographerSweaters

I love chunky wool sweaters.  Wear that with some cute cheeky panties and maybe even some knee high wool socks and you have a killer combination for a stunning photo!  Cable knit sweaters work really well for sessions, and even sweater dresses can have a sexy feel in your boudoir photos.  Look at regular clothing stores to find these kind of sweaters – there are plenty of options everywhere for sweaters.  As with a few other of the items I mentioned, length is everything.  Make sure you find a length that works for your body type and your comfort level.

ShortsKnit shorts - what to wear for boudoir photo shoot - Pics By Chicks Photography - Pittsburgh Boudoir Photographer

Why, yes, you can incorporate shorts into your session.  Even a cute pair of boyshorts or polka dot boxers shorts. These would look so great with a cute sweater, lace top or just a really cute bra.  You can pick shorts that have cute details too. My one big point with shorts – make sure they are new.  You do not want shorts in the photos that look worn and used for years.  It just takes away from the images, so while I want you to include pieces you have you shouldn’t pick items that show their age and have lots of wrinkles and the shorts ride up.  Seriously.  Think about it!

charlotteSheer Skirt

This long pleated sheer skirt is from Charlotte Russe.   I love this skirt – you could combine it with a cute bra and panty, but to keep with the modest theme you could wear a crop top shirt with this and the only exposed skin would be the midriff.

My one big piece of advice for non-lingerie items – keep patterns limited.  Try to stick with solid colored items.  Patterns can draw your eye away from you and more to the clothes.

This blog post should have convinced you of two things:

1) You can shop anywhere for your boudoir session – anywhere!  Don’t limit yourself to just lingerie stores – there’s so much more out there.  And, in boudoir photography, we can make anything sexy! pen your mind and look in your everyday stores for items that you could incorporate into your session.

2) You have options.  Lots of options.  You don’t just have to wear lingerie for your boudoir photo shoot.  If you would like a more modest boudoir, this should give you some ideas to jump start your shopping efforts.

Have fun!  As always, remember that your session is about YOU!  Make sure to find pieces that incorporate your style!

Any other pieces you could think of?  Leave your comments below.