What should I wear for my senior session?

Right now, I am so excited to be booking senior sessions. I look forward to working with some  amazing individuals this 2014 season. I think senior sessions are my favorite.  I love working with them to create something that is custom to who they are becoming. That is something you seniors out there can look forward to when you book with me.  Having an idea of a style you want your session to have, or envisioning something cool that isn’t your typical senior headshot for the yearbook.

One thing I want to chat about are making wise clothing choices . Investing time to pull  outfits together will really add a visual dynamic to your images. Guys.. I know this can be a challenge but stick with me. Ladies, oh how much fun it can be. It doesn’t need to break the bank either!  Think thrift shops for great patterns, scarfs, sweaters etc It doesn’t matter if you’re not super trendy or a fashionista! Here are some basic tips to get you going.

 Think BOLD colors

Bright colors rock! Don’t be afraid to mix n’ match. 



Layer it up! adds great dimension to your images and visual interest!




BE totally you! if your hipster go hipster, if your more like jeans, tee and flip flops go for it.. but think differnetly about how you can spice it up but still be YOU!


For more ideas follow my clothing inspiration board here ! For more ideas feel free to call and we can chat up some ideas for your style!



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