Meet Katie


It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Perhaps this is true. But for me I see a photo doing so much more. A photo can motivate, create emotion within, cause a craving for more.

I think back to when a simple photo did this to me. I was a nanny to 3 wonderful children. I bought a cheap camera and began snapping photos wherever we went. Dragging them outside, going on long walks, observing them learing life. It was then in those moments I discovered the excitement! That with one click, one snap of the shutter I could halt time and capture the – wonder, the potential and a glimpse of life. I was hooked. From that moment on I continued to learn more.

I am a self-taught photographer located in the heart of Hamilton, New York.  I am a believer in Jesus. A wife, mommy to my two amazing little children. Each day I am blessed to savor my sweet little ones . Let me do the same for you!

A snippet about me:

i would wear flip-flops all year round if i could* hate doing dishes & will avoid it all costs*im a jeans kinda gal*recent convert to coffee ( thx to the hubby) * met my husband in college & fell in love with him the moment he said good things come in small packages ( cause im a shorty) * could eat breakfast for every meal everyday bacon!* did i mention i love bacon* toddler wrangler* baby wisper* LOST fan* likes being behind the camera vs. in front of camera* easily amused *simple

oh , and i would like to make friends and take your picture!!

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