Getting out of auto!

Let’s be honest. When we all move from a simple point and shoot camera to a dslr it can be intimidating.. right? Like what are all those settings? What does AV stand for? What is ISO? Then we think maybe I’ll just set it on auto cause I don’t know what I am doing!  It can be frustrating. Especially when you just forked out some $$$ for a camera you thought could really help you take those amazing shots of your little ones.

I was a point and shoot gal at one time. After learning and practicing I was able to upgrade to a pro dslr. It does take time to really understand your camera and lighting etc. But hey it’s worth some practice! I have a few friends and even clients who tell me I just got a dslr and I really want to learn. All I shoot is in AUTO!

Well friends, let me help you out with some tips to help move you out of auto and into Manual!! It’s spring, out the sun is shining finally after a long winter.Your kids are dying to play outside. This is a perfect time to start capturing those little fleeting moments!

Each week I am going to focus on some basic settings, lighting, and ideas to help bring your photos to life!

I would love some feedback! What do you want to learn more about your camera? Shutter speed? Lighting?

Or maybe you love those blurry backgrounds with a beautiful crisp subject! <<< my favorite!  Please feel free to comment below your ideas or questions!


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