Capturing the little moments behind the lens

Everyday my eyes capture little moments of my small children. A big laugh, or burst of excitement over a huge accomplishment. If your like me, I tend to forget to get out my camera to capture these precious moments.  As a mom of young children, it’s easy to get caught up in my daily “to do list”. To go from one task to the next. Then there are these moments that can so easily pass us by. You know those cute things our pint size kiddos do … I say to myself I wish I had my camera! Yes, you can whip out your phone and click away. But these moments I don’t want just on my phone. I want them on my wall. I want to look at those special moments that so greatly capture who they are in that very moment. So .. I want to encourage you to get out your camera… any camera other than your phone and simply capture them.

Here is my daughter Everly, yesterday. She is just learning to stand up and almost take steps. Her favorite place to do this is by our screen door window. She is so happy and so content just standing there basking in the sunlight.

I want to inspire you to get behind your camera and simply capture them being them! You don’t need to own an expensive camera or lens.  Here are some basic tips.

Some of the best areas in the home to take photos are next to large windows that allow ample light in. Perhaps, in your kitchen, or a living room window.  Move any distractions out of view. In the image above of my daughter, behind her is a lump of laundry in a bin. You can barely tell it’s there because I just shoved it aside! Accept the fact that you can’t always have perfection! Place your kids about 2-3  feet across from the window. You want the light to shine towards them. Let them play. Place yourself towards the side of  them and simply engage. Ask them a silly question to get a funny expression. Ask them to make their favorite animal noise. Then just click away. Lastly, be creative. Try a different angle. Shoot at their level. Then try from above. Ask them to get on their belly and play and you do the same.

If you would like to learn more about using your cameras settings and features check out my post Getting out of Auto-here.

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