Boudoir Session Details

My Style
There is something absolutely stunning about the woman’s body. Elegant, feminine, dainty, lady like, soft, sensual, curvy, and the list goes on. I am a natural light photographer which means I look for the light that is already available in my space and I use that light to create mood, shadows, and embellishments. I am a very modest photographer. My vision with boudoir photography is to create images that are YOU. Where you will feel comfortable in YOUR own skin, that are a reflection of your beauty right where you are.  I photograph all shapes and sizes.

**I do not do: pin-up, glamour shots, provocative, or over the top typical boudoir sessions. There are plenty of photographers who offer boudoir photography for those needs.

Signed Release

All clients are required to sign a photo release form before the session begins. A copy will be available the day of the session for you to sign.

Why take these kinds of pictures?

  • Great gift for you significant other: Wedding, Anniversary, Birthday, etc.
  • To celebrate a milestone in your life, weight-loss, cancer survivor etc.

Where Do We Shoot?
Generally I come to your house for the session. There may be times where I host a boudoir special event at a hotel or Inn and shoot on location. Follow me on my facebook page to keep updated on all future events.  When weather permits outdoor locations are also available.

What to Buy/Wear?
My rule of thumb is wear something that makes you feel sexy!!
Boudoir photos typically involve lingerie, but that doesn’t mean that you have to start shopping for a lacy undergarment. Think about what kind of look you’re going for, such as sexy, feminine, elegant modest, cozy. You also don’t have to pose in your underwear; you can take great boudoir photos in a modest outfit, such as jeans and a tank top. If you know your fiancé/ husband loves the way you look in his favorite team’s jersey, pair it with cute boy shorts for a playful and cute look.

Hair and Makeup:
This is completely optional. If you want a particular look getting professional makeup application is suggested as well as hair. Makeup styles can be as natural or heavy as you’d like. Feel free to bring your own products that you know work well, or let your stylists work her magic beforehand!

I am well-versed in the different types of poses that will look great in photos. I will direct you throughout the shoot and make suggestions and will totally have your back for the most flattering compositions for your body.

What Do I Expect?
The number one thing that I expect at a shoot is for you to be ready to relax and have fun!  I have no problem with you opening a bottle of wine! In fact, it is encouraged. Just remember, everything in moderation.
As for the location…  Make sure the rooms you want to use are cleared of all clutter and dust.  Don’t forget mirrors and windows.  I do use only natural light from your windows so make sure window treatments are prepped.