7 Beginner Tips That Will Help Improve Your Photography Skills Immediately



We all want to take amazing photos of our kids whether they are playing soccer or eating a snack with cheerios stuck on their cheeks!  We are probably all wondering: How is it possible to take great photos when you’re not really even sure what an Fstop is? It is not about an expensive DSLR, or knowing every little technical tidbit about the camera but about the simple tips that can make or break the outcome of a photo.

Photography can be a little hard for the newbie photographer. But don’t worry. I will share you 7 beginner photography tips. These tips will improve your photography skills immediately. And they don’t even require a DSLR. So whether you are photographing with your phone, a DSLR, or even a polaroid camera. These tips are for everybody.


The best lightning you can have is natural light. If you use unnatural light like a lamp, your colours won’t look the same as you use natural light. Sure you can fix that by adjusting the white balance, but you will have better results with natural light.

So move yourself close to the window to have the best lighting. About 2-3 feet away from a window. If you do this, your photographs will get a lot brighter, and you will have less of those ugly shadows. In the photo above my daughter is standing right next to a screen window door with a large glass window on a cloudy snowy day.

If you want to have the best lighting, take your photos on a bright day, 1-2 hours after sunrise and 1-2 hours before sunset.


If I am taking photos of products, especially people or really any object I always make sure I take A LOT of photos. It is better to take 10 photos and pick the best than only take one and find out later (after your kids are done playing or changed clothes) you accidentally moved while taking the picture, or something was in the background that ruins the image.


And while you are taking a lot of photos, why not try different angles? If you do that, you have more options to choose from. Maybe up above, or at your child’s level works better than the other composition you had in mind. Why not try it?


Backdrops. There are endless possibilities. Make sure you don’t have a messy background if you take photos. Instead: find a neutral background like a field of hay that won’t compete with your clothing, be distracting or where a sign might pop out of the back of someones head.  A field of tall weeds is like my best friend.

5. Invest in progress, not in quality.

A lot of people buy expensive DSLR’s  thinking they will take better pictures. Wrong! That is the same as buying an expensive kitchen gadget and expecting a gormet meal.

If you want to invest in photography, invest in progress, not in quality. It is better to practice every day instead of buying a $1,000 camera and not know where to start.
When I first started I researched like cray cray and then settled on a low entry level camera. Then I dedicated to learning everything I could to gain the knowledge before I took the next step to invest in more expensive equipment.


6.Use Adobe Photoshop to edit your photos.

If  you want to take your photography to the next level invest in Adobe Photoshop to edit your photos. This software is pretty amazing! You can edit your photos without limits.

It looks pretty difficult, but it is easier than you think.

When I first started out, I self-taught myself photoshop. I used youtube tutorials, and books and just had fun.

7. Focus on the eyes always.

When photographing people always, always focus on the eyes closest to the camera. Have you ever snapped a photo of your cute toddler but when you go to upload your photo, you find half of them is in focus and the rest kinda blurry? SUCKS, right? Especially, when you get them to finally look at the camera!! So, what do you do? Most cameras have a focus finder. Always center your focus on the eyes to ensure TACK SHARP focus.

So are you ready to stand out with your photography skills? Can I hear a big YEAH? Those were the basic tips to improve your photography skills.

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