Top 4 Reasons to book a Boudoir Session Now!

Boudoir is defined as a woman’s bedroom or private sitting room. Boudoir photography can be defined in any way the subject wants, but it is typically sexy, romantic, fun, flirty, classy, and beautiful. Boudoir does not have to be nude, or even semi-nude. There are  many reasons that a woman would want to have boudoir photos taken – but for the time being, I will give you my personal top 4:

1.)  Shopping!! What better way to beat the winter blues than by doing some lingerie, accessory, and shoe shopping? After the holidays, the winter seems to drag. Booking a boudoir shoot and getting a few new wardrobe items will really spice up the next couple cold months. Plus – accessories, lingerie and shoes are wearable year round, so you can immediately integrate them into your wardrobe! Win-win!

2.)  You get to be pampered and girly – How often to do decide to dedicate a day, or even a few hours to yourself? Whether you are doing the photos for yourself or as a gift for a significant other, there are very few times when you make sure to go out of the way and pamper yourself. This is an opportunity to get that mani / pedi, plan to have your hair and make up done, and spend a day being girly and glamorous. Book a boudoir session for yourself!

3.)  It is a transformative experience -the boudoir session is all about YOU! Maybe you just celebrated a milestone, perhaps you just overcame a struggle, maybe you just look bangin and want to remember that in 30 years. Whatever the reason, you should document and celebrate your self, your beauty, your confidence, your femininity, and your body. It is the vessel that has traveled with you throughout your entire journey and it too tells your story!

4.) You look amazing today! We are all trying to lose that last 5 (ummm….or 15) pounds, waiting to get back into our skinny jeans, not feeling as in shape as we would like, etc. There are always excuses, there will always be excuses….it is virtually impossible to be 100% satisfied with our bodies and that will always be a reason to postpone. The truth is, you look fabulous today! You most likely won’t undergo a major physical transformation within the next few months, and if you do that just gives you more justification for a reshoot. Life is busy, there will never be a “right time” when you have weeks of freedom to plan everything out. Decide to do it and make it happen! You are beautiful in your skin right now, and you should celebrate your beauty and confidence!

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